The Federation welcomes Turkey and Ukraine and announces event in Verona

Fieragricola 2020 in Verona will host the European comparison of Swiss Brown Cow Nations

The decision was taken recently by the Committee of the European Federation, which identified the most important international agricultural event in Italy as the venue for its international comparison.


“It is with great satisfaction that Fieragricola, founded as long ago as 1898, will host the European Show of one of the most important dairy cattle breeds in the world,” said the CEO & Director General of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani; “it is actually a welcome return, since the comparison of Swiss Brown Cow Nations was held in Verona in 2004.” Mantovani also commented that “the choice of Verona confirms the centrality of Fieragricola as the Italian exhibition ensuring the broadest possible dialogue on an international scale.”

“The Swiss Brown Cow,” as Enrico Santus, Manager of Anarb recalls (the reference National Association) recalls, “is achieving significant strides in terms of genomic research with the aim of improving the genetic features, animal welfare, productivity, fertility and milk production quality, all in absolute respect of the animals. This November, in particular, the European Swiss Brown Cow Federation will discuss an innovative project to develop genomic research along the female line, whereas until now focused on bulls.”

Discussion of this significant change will keep developments on the cutting edge and provide answers to breeders and the dairy chain, that have benefitted so much from the Swiss Brown Cow in terms of production quality.


“We are working with renewed zeal,” Santus added, “also because at the end of August in Europe we welcomed two new Swiss Brown Cow Associations representing livestock farmers in Ukraine and Turkey, for a total of 12 member countries.” Members represent Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and now Turkey and Ukraine.


While waiting for the European comparison of Swiss Brown Cow Nations, the next appointment under the Fieragricola banner will be in Verona in 2018 – the 113th edition of the international event first held in 1898 and therefore about to celebrate its 120th anniversary. The livestock ring hosts international competitions at every edition of the show, thanks to the Open Holstein Dairy Show, which attracts breeders and head of cattle from all over Europe. The Swiss Brown Cow National Exhibition - by now a fixed appointment at every show – will be held in 2018.


Source: Fieragricola-Veronafiere Press Service