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Access the reserved area to compile Exhibition registration forms and take advantage of all the services provided to Exhibitors at Fieragricola 2016.

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  • fill in the company data section, the square meters of exhibition area required and registration in the Official Catalogue of the Event
  • the system will calculate automatically the cost of your attendance and the advance payment required
  • please read the General Regulations carefully, which you implicitly accept on sending the registration application
  • indicate whether the payment of the advance required will be made by credit card or bank transfer
  • the registration application is valid once the advance payment is received and this date will be used to define eventual application of promotional costs
  • press 'Confirm'
  • you will immediately receive an e-mail confirming your attendance request


A few days later, Fieragricola staff will send you an e-mail with a document (pdf format) summarising your requests and information for making payment.
Print, sign and attach the payment receipt (if a credit card was not used) and return it immediately to:


Michela Masini
Tel. +39 045 8298 176 │e-mail: masini@veronafiere.it

Michele Caucchioli
Tel. +39 045 8298 173 │e-mail: caucchioli@veronafiere.it